I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

今朝有酒今朝醉 明日愁來明日愁

I really like this Chinese saying, roughly translated as “when you have wine today, get drunk today; worries of tomorrow, leave it for tomorrow”.  Don’t know if it’s because I am getting older, but I see myself worrying about this, stressing over that, slowly evolving into a worry wart.  But come on!  Who can honestly and really live by that saying and completely ignore everything that make us frown…this saying is borderline on irresponsible living.  However, I love the saying, I like to mumble it every once in awhile and just go to sleep, muhaha.

So, let’s wash away all the troubles by going to the casinos in Macau!  Lol, I hereby post a water performance to a lovely rendition of “money money”  at where else but outside the Wynn Casino.


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