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Best lunch on weekends

Over the weekend, the restaurants in Causeway Bay or anywhere for that matter are usually jam-packed with people, waiting for a table can be frustrating.  The best lunch is the “not so healthy” lunch of street snacks!  I am super happy with a skewer of meatballs and a bubble tea to quickly charge me up, and both items cost me less than $3USD!  The best part is, I feel like I had a complete meal, because I am full, so  happy happy! 

I have mentioned this before and I’ll do it again.  What makes me happy about living in Asia is the selection of cheap street snacks available that can fill my stomach!  When I was visiting my sister in Canada, I got a bit hungry in the middle of the day, so I started looking left and right in Downtown Vancouver for a cheap snack to munch on.  OMG!!!  THe cheapest thing I can find is like $8USD, NOT ME!  Though I must admit I love buying hot dogs in Downtown, they’re so good!  But $5CAD for a hot dog is super-duper expensive for someone living in Asia!  That’s like a 3-course set lunch with a free drink!

the most expensive snack this stand sells (street snacks w/ noodles) is no more than $2USD, but I wouldn’t be surprsied if it makes over 5 digits a day
i personally find this skewer of meatballs oh so yummy, i love how the shop lightly grilled it so it’s crispy on the outside
these yummy street snacks have taken so many allowances of elementary and high school students
threre are a lot of bubble tea stands all over HK, this chain is my favorite because of its wide selections that appeal to me and the staff are very friendly

taro slush bubble tea & original bubble tea

Comments on: "Best lunch on weekends" (3)

  1. Those are some large meatballs !

  2. Oh yes yes, I saw this post 😀 I really should explore more on the weekends.. 🙂 Thanks!!!

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