I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Phillipino helpers tend to choose Central as their gathering place--this is HSBC HQ in Central

Comes Sunday or holidays, the streets in Causeway Bay and Central are transformed into live street parties congested with foreign domestic helpers from Indonesia and Philippines.  Over 3% of the population (approx 300,000) is made up with this group of house-maid/nanny and it is easy to spot them chilling and relaxing on their day off every Sunday on the streets laughing, mingling, singing, and dancing. 

Unlike Singapore, there really isn’t any designated shopping mall or indoor venue for the helpers to entertain themselves on their day off, so they usually sit around on the streets in groups every Sunday.  While they do clog up specific streets and cause a bit of a nuisance for the rest of us trying to walk by, I think we should all keep an open mind that aside from mingling on the streets, they really don’t have any place for recreation amongst themselves on their day off.  To a certain degree, I do understand they are really clogging up the streets on Sunday, but instead of giving them dirty looks or frowning at them, I think the government should offer them a venue to chill and relax.  I am actually cool with seeing these helpers mingling every Sunday, I find the atmosphere so vibrant, since they usually sit in large groups singing, playing cards, enjoying food together, I love that camaraderie.  Since Indonesia is a muslim country, on Sunday, the streets are filled with girls with colorful head scarves and I think it is a very beautiful sight.

i love her smile


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  1. Filipino domestic helpers are high profile in Central Hong.Kong particularly on a Sunday and holidays. .They take over the streets the parks you will find them tucked under.bridges and overpasses singing dancing and conducting prayer services with a.tiny PA system and a guitar. Watch them.at play and as they pray. These women.enjoy the best of both worlds you think.

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