I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

The city of Hong Kong would like to remind fellow commuters to please offer your seat to those in need through friendly happy face animations.  To all those rude people (including you seniors) that ran into the train, please be reminded you need to let others out of the compartment first.  To those of you sitting down inand pretend to be asleep to avoid getting up for some pregnant lady or old people wobbling, please get a life.  Finally, to those that ran blindly into the compartment and fight over a vacant seat and got it instead of someone in their fifties or sixties, please seriously get a life!  Especially if you immediately pretend to be tired and close your eyes or flip your phone on and pretend to ignore all the frowns coming your way.

I remember one time I was sitting down and a lady in her sixties walked into the compartment.  I saw her came in and held onto the pole, so I decided to get up and let her have my seat.  This big man in his thirties dashed into the seat, and I was like “honestly, you think I would get up to let you sit, REALLY???!!!  I am wearing 3-inch heels here!”  In all fairness to that silly man, when I pointed out I got up to let the old lady behind him sit, he did get up and stand, but SERIOUSLY??!!

Once again, I would like to bring people to an old post of my on “public transportation etiquette”. https://btlau.wordpress.com/2010/09/03/public-transportation-etiquette/


Comments on: "Please offer your seat to those in need" (2)

  1. Cool Posters!! Even though I am in my mid fifties, I still stand when I do ride a bus and let others sit 🙂

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