I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

I am finally looking through some of the pictures I took when I was last in Vancouver Canada a few months ago; it would be fun posting some random object pictures I thought was interesting.  This is not a blog piece sharing beautiful British Columbia and the amazing views, just oddities I see around Downtown.

hilarious headless manneqins~ look like they are dancing with red painted bodies

a head sculpture found at some random park that is just a piece of deserted parking lot with a bench and this sculpture in the center

i wish there are more bus stops with these awnings in HK to shield me from the rain...too much ppl in HK, everyone will be cramming in during typhonn or rain season

where else would you see a garbage bin with a heart shape opening but canada? Honestly, ppl there are sweeter and friendlier, and I seem so much bitchier, so I need to tone it down a few notches, muhaha

canadian pride in hockey...not sure what HK pride themselves on...congestested high rises and loads of mainland tourists pouring money into the economy??!!

two thumbs up! Found outside the Central Library

yes please! gimme gimme!!!


Comments on: "Cool moments from Vancouver" (2)

  1. When you live in this area long enough, the rain just rolls off your back. Great shots, someday I need to go up there 🙂

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