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On the ding ding tram

I decided to take the “ding ding” tram across the Eastern part of HK today; I was searching for some locally made egg noodles to add to my company’s portfolio.  I didn’t realize the ride would be so long, it took over 30 minutes when the MTR ride takes 15 minutes or so.  I was able to sit on the top row of the top deck, allowing me to take some pictures of an “older” looking part of Hong Kong.

ding ding tram lane running alongside regular cars & buses

since it moves quite slowly and across the entire Easter & Western HK island, it is a love spot for advertisers

Tourists love trying out the “ding ding” tram, offering the cheapest form of transportation within Hong Kong island.   The city of Hong Kong is separated into three parts, the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, and the New West Territories. “Ding Ding” tram is only runs in Hong Kong island, and the reason locals call it the “ding ding” is because of the honking sound it makes everytime it enters a station.   Of course, there are hundreds of outlying islands dotting around Hong Kong, though not all of them are inhabited.  That is why people are shocked to find out HK is home to many amazing hiking trails, mountains, volcanic rocks, and scenic beauty of nature.  While we are indeed known as a forest of concrete towering of high rises, we indeed have many beautiful and breath-taking scenic routes and places that are not far from city center.

 Eastern part of HK Island mainly comprise of old looking buildings


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  1. I love riding the double decker bus in Singapore so I think I would try the ding ding when I get to visit HK 🙂

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