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The world is a better place…

When we treat each other like this


Summer is in the air, tropical fruits coming my way!

I love eating papaya, they are so sweet and juicy when they have turned orange.  It was so cool seeing these papayas hanging on tree branches.  They are so heavy, it is so hard to imagine them hanging in bunches on a tree.

Neon Billboards in Jordan

I haven’t been snapping pictures of the city lately and got inspired tonight walking in Jordan.  I was attracted to all the crazy bright and vibrant neon signs and billboards against the backdrop of the night sky.

the pharmacy logo shines brightly into the night in hong kong

the golden arches and other restaurants within the same building

oldstyle nightclub, it gives off the vibrant shanghai era nightclub feel


Chinese character for "rich", giant majong outside a mahjong entertainment house

nightlife of Jordan Temple Street area, Kowloon

Different Hairdos

After the shave last week,  I started reflecting on the past years and the various haircuts (good & bad) my dog Pretzel has had.  The most horrifying cut that left my dog and I shuddering happened when he was a mere puppy in Canada.  We had the cut in Petcetera in Vancouver, and it wasn’t cheap, but it was humiliating! 

The horrible cut

While my boy dog looks like a girl, he is indeed a boy, so I don’t understand why they cut his hair which makes the statement “I am a girl”!  I gave specific instruction to shave him and to put no ribbons or accessories on the dog because he’s a boy.  When I picked him in two hours later, I cannot believe the groomers have cut his ears in such a way it looks like he has permanent pigtails!  To add further insult, the groomers decided to give Pretzel a pink ribbon on his collar to further highlight his “non-existent” feminity.  Because he was a puppy then, I do not walk him in a retractable leash; rather, he has a little harness that strap his legs and the leash has a little white flower hanging.  So….it was so embarrassing for both the dog and the owner to walk from the doggy mart to the parking lot!  I still remember there were two guys that were walking into the store and started chuckling when they see Pretzel and said “cute”, in a sarcastic way! 

no haircuts from pet cetera ever again!

I think dogs have sixth sense that is more accurate than woman and he probably picked up on my “I am so embarrassed by your cut” emotion and he refused to go anywhere for close to a week!  He kept hiding in his bed and sticking his face behind his paws as if to hide from the world. 

My humiliation to him

In additiona to embarrassing haircuts, I have put Pretzel in awkward situations.  In general, my dog has a normal short hairstyle compared to what Maltese looks like.  Once, I kept it quite long and decided to do the famous Maltese style, which is typing up a knot of hair on the front of his head.  Oh my goodness, once again, he looks ridiculous!  Unlike the embarrassing haircut that took months to grow back, I can quickly undo the elastic band that was holding up a chuck of  hair in the front.

There are good cuts

Of course there have been cool cuts that make Pretzel proud.  I have given him a “poodle style” cut before that left his body shaved, a puppy face, and lots of hair on his four legs.  I think it looks really cool on him and people think he is a poodle! 

pretending to be a poodle

Lately for summer though, to avoid knots forming on the legs, I decided on a full close shave leaving just a tad on hair to make a puppy face.  Very cute,  but I need people to stop thinking he’s a chihuahua, because those small dogs kind of scared me.  They kind of remind me of a giant rodent, hees.  But then again, I always feel like my dog is half rabbit and half boy.

clearly needs a haircut look

cute as a button puppy--all shy when he arrvies

a windswept look

normal length on pretzel

shaved look but oddly very long ears--looks like a girl....

My fasicination with sports gaming

I am not technologically savvy nor am I a fan of the gaming world.  I often see people on public transportation playing with their NDS or various games on their phones, but I have never been immersed.  What is Xbox or PSP?  I haven’t quite discovered the gaming world, but was exposed to Wii last year when I visited my friend in Singapore.  I got so into the sensory movement technology I was hooked playing Wii Fit.  I was so excited over it, I made my friend head down to Vivocity and haggle a “cheaper” price for the machine with the Wii board and Mario racing game.  I actually lugged the entire system plus a Wii Fit board from Singapore to Hong Kong.  People in HK asked me if it’s that much cheaper in Singapore, and I was like, “No, I just wanted to HAVE IT NOW”! 

Recently, I got my hands on the  XiviX at a dirt cheap price that makes gamers all over the world jealous.  It is a relatively new game console and not advertised and marketed as extensively as the Wii, PSP, or XBox, but this game console offers the same sensory interactive experience that I love so much from Wii.  I like Wii Fit so much that I got interested at the special deal for the XiviX since it is a more sport oriented console and the games & accessories for the system are all sports related. 

The crazy dealer in Hong Kong is offering the game console plus two sports games (Power Boxing & Aerostep) for the dirt cheap price of less than $40USD, that’s less than 10% of the Wii I bought!  How can I resist the deal?  From the Wii fit game, two of my favorite games are the “stepping”  and “boxing” games under Aerobics, so when I learn of the XiviX deal, I am the first one sold!  My sister is visiting HK from Vancouver and she got mega excited and is lugging the game console and the two sports games all the way to Canada!  Just like myself, she is lugging a game console overseas, but clearly, people will think she is a lot brighter for doing it!

The graphics from Wii is definitely a lot better than the Xaivix, but for such a cheap price, I can't complain. It is still exercise!

A lot of serious sports buff most could definitely not understand why people would imitate exercise at home with their game machines.  I can think of a million reasons I would rather sweat in the comfort of my own home than going to a fitness center.  First of all, I wear makeup, so if I go to the gym, does that mean I need to remove my makeup before I go onto the sport machines?  Or should I keep my makeup on and “look cute” while sweating up a storm?  After an hour of workout, I need to spend close to an hour in the shower room showering, blowing my hair, and reapplying my makeup?!  Hmm…as a girl, that would keep me away, too time-consuming.  Hey, I am still exercising, I am embracing technology and the ability to look shoddy and ugly while exercising in my home.  Best of all, if I am mega tired after a workout, I can just lie down and bum; who am I kidding?  I am a couch potato.

Walk with me

Holding onto a mother’s hand,

A father walking a few steps behind

the warmth exuded in a loving family

Goodbye Japanese seafood

With the radiation leak being the focal of news reporting, people in Hong Kong are stocking up on Japanese seafood, as it is not possible to enjoy them for a long time to come.  People in HK are obsessed with Japanese products, since they are so nicely packaged and presented to consumers.   Japan as a place of origin gives off a very positive image.  In the last few days, the prices of Japanese seafood have increased at least 20 to 25% as wholesalers sell their remaining lots and consumers purchase as much as their fridge allow.

I love Japanese scallops and oysters, they are so big, fresh, and delicious tasting, I am really going to miss these seafood.  I love eating seafood, I don’t even think there is an adequate substitute for Japanese seafood for their size, quality, and taste.  I even stocked up on dried scallops, which are getting more and more expensive by the day.

In addition to this phenomenon, there has been a ridiculous rumour going on in China that has spread all the way to HK.  If you eat lots of salt, you will not be touched by radiation, go buy salt now!  OMG!!!  How ridiculous is that!  Apparently, the rumour was started by various salt merchants in China that want to make a few bucks, and it has gotten so ridiculous, people are seriously stocking up on salt.  In many provinces across China and the clearly uneducated city of HK, salt has disappeared from the racks of supermarkets.  In wet markets, stalls that usually sell seafood has changed to selling salt they normally used to preserve fish and seafood products because the demand for salt is far greater than seafood! 

It has gotten so ridiculous, the government has to step in and speak on TV addressing the ridiculousness of the rumour.  People in HK are overly reacting, you would think the radiation explosion is happening in HK rather than Japan.  Japanese people are not even buying salt, why is salt even sold out in China and HK?  The wind is blowing the radiation in the opposite direction of HK!!!

Prices of  salt that were selling at $2HKD turned into $25HKD and you would see all these housewives stocking up their trolley carts!  As a food distributor, it was a rough day for me;  I was going nuts because it was so hectic!  Hectic not because my products are zooming off the shelves, because in people’s mad dash for salt, many other products get knocked over!

So after a day of mad dash for salt, people realize how stupid they are and that they have been taken for a ride by selfish salt merchants.  So the excuse of the day is, people are overly sensitive because of what happened during SARS.  They are not stupid, just precaution…

PS.  The salt merchants that started the stupid rumour to make money during this difficult time should be ashamed of their behaviour.  Show a little compassion for the people who have lost their homes or are displaced by the earthquake.  It is not the time to act selfishly, and no matter how business oriented you are, I still cannot justify such selfish and heartless acts.  If you have no compassion, then at least don’t instill fear on the public.

Shave time!

It is time to go bald! 

Hahaha, of course I am not the one without my long tresses, it’s Pretzel doggie!  After a few months of cooler weather,   Hong Kong has all of a sudden transformed into its warm/humid self.  At the moment, it is still bearable, but once May comes around, it will be very humid and hot.

After sporting a relatively long hairdo for the past few months, Pretzel will once again climbed into the doggy grooming van and receive his first annual shave of the season.  Lol, the bald look will take some getting use to, because he always look so naked to me once he’s shaved.  Anyway, I think he carries the bald look quite well, still cute with a little bit of a puppy face.  My dog has two groups of fans, one group like his longer hairdo, the other group really like a clean-shaven look. 

I personally have no preference, but I secretly like his bald look because when I give him his weekly shower, it only takes a few quick blows from the blow dryer and he will be all dry.  When he sports a longer hairstyle, it takes over 20 minutes to blowdry his fur, not to mention the various tangles and knots I’ll find along the way I have to clip. 

I took a little video of Pretzel leaving greeting the grooming van.  It never cease to humour me his reaction at seeing the van and the waiting groomer.  He’ll get super excited at home when I put a leash on him because he thinks it is his regular walk time.  He’ll be all happy running ahead in absolute disobediance, THEN the moment of truth hit when he spots the grooming van.  He will totally puts on the brakes, double back and run away, it’s hilarious!


too embarassed, hiding in shame

just kidding! I am still cute!

she sells seashells by the seashore

I spotted this seashell craft stall and completely understand the principle of profit maximization.  There is no one manning the stall of seashell crafts, if you are interested in the pieces, you run next door to pay.  Next door is a huge outdoor seafood restaurant, any shells that are discarded will be made into art pieces to be sold next door at the art venue. 

There are some very creative pieces that I really like.

really cool blowfish

various seashell chimes

seashell necklaces

little seashell charms & necklaces

the is the cutest!

you can really hear waves from this giant seashell

baskets of shells

how creative, a camel made of shells!

so cute & creative

seashell bracelets

the outdoor seafood restaurant next door


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