I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

What is so fun about Sai Kung

celebration at the temple

performing martial arts to the crowd

setting up the promenade for its performance arts event and performances

looks like a drum performance by youths is the 1st show of the event

another group of performers heading to the show

I enjoy strolling around the Sai Kung promenade, which is a doggy heaven for all dogs, big and small.  There is also something charming about this little fisherman corner, a little reflection of what Hong Kong looks like in the past.  Often, I have to take an hour ferry trip to the outlying islands to feel the old HK charm, but Sai Kung is only a 30 minutes taxi ride away.  It is fun heading to Sai Kung over the weekend when there are other dogs for Pretzel to mingle with.  As this is a fishing hub, rows of seafood restaurants are lined up next to the shores.  Since I have been to Sai Kung on numerous occasions, I would skip the seafood restaurants, but I love sitting outside the bakery across from the bus stop enjoying its famous pineapple bun with a cup of coffee.  If you stroll into the alleyways, you can also sample some very local snacks such as fish balls, beef tripes, rice rolls, and a variety of foods that are all a few dollars.

various scenic views of sai kung

a stolen moment

a trusty little dog, man's best friend

fishermen selling the cathes of the day plus dried seafood


the good ol' retriever needs a break from the curious pretzel


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