I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

People that are schooled in North America must have done various case studies and analyze the business model of coca cola.  It is crazy to imagine how addictive this syrupy drink created from a pharmaceutical lab is;  or the global expansion is a result of American soldiers fighting World War II craving the drink.  Fast forward to 2009 during the Szechuan earthquake, I remember the news media reporting finding a young man under all the rubbles after days of searching.  Cameras all zoomed onto the young man as he is hauled out of the rubble and the first line he said was “give me a can of coke”.  OMG! 

the addictive syrupy potion

as if two full machines aren't enough...

collecting empty coke cans to be recycled from one outdoor eatery


Comments on: "The magic potion that is coca cola" (6)

  1. Hard to find glass bottles in this area any more. Plastic or aluminum cans now. Used to collect bottles from the sides of roads when we were younger and get a penny a piece for them. Wish they would pay recycling fees for plastic bottles, getting tired of seeing them all over the landscape 🙂

  2. Glass bottles! The only thing better than a glass coke is a glass 7UP, which I’ve only seen in Southeast Asia.

  3. after I stopped drinking coke…now I strangely had some and don’t miss it. It was definitely an addiction.

    I am still addicted to coffee though…that one’s staying 😉

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