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The luck of a draw

The Chinese believes that when you are on vacation and is visiting a foreign place, it is lucky to purchase a lottery ticket and try out the luck of a visitor.  When I return to Vancouver for visits, I would do the same thing, I would automatically purchase a few lottery tickets to try out my luck.

However, what I love best is the variety of scratch cards available at the lotto booth, I am especially attracted to these scratch cards.  I remember as a child, I would tug on my mom’s jacket sleeves as she purchase lottery tickets begging her to put out a dollar and buy me a scratch card.  People purchase lottery tickets to buy a dream, the possibility of winning, to try out their luck.  I feel that when I am handed a scratch card, that piece of luck has been handed to me and I am the one to determine my own fate by scratching the play area.  I feel playing scratch cards are more fun because you don’t have to clutch onto a piece of paper and wait for someone else to announce a winner ; rather, with a coin in hand, you will determine your own fate and know immediately if you have won.  However, the allure of millions of dollars in a jackpot will continue to attract people to buy lottery tickets and let their minds wander to what they could do with that lump sum of money.

i purchased tickets to both the lotto max and 649 for more luck! I am not greedy, I am happy winning the 3 million

my stack of scratch cards and lotto ticket

yea i won 2 dollars! I use it to buy another scratch card and that one lets me win 8 dollars, I kept it, hees


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