I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Homemade Cappuccino

I love brewing my own cup of coffee because I know what I like best!  I am addicted to coffee, I need to drink a cup a day to stimulate my brain and crunch out ideas and function for the day, but just one cup a day for me.  Instant coffee are disgusting , and every once in awhile, I enjoy the cup of “milk tea”, “coffee”, or “ying yueng 鴛鴦” (a blend of milk tea and coffee) that is notoriously famous in “cha chan tan” (Chinese style cafe & noodle joints); but truth be told, it is the cup of cappuccino that sustain me.

Of course I love my Starbucks and the company’s ability to be “flexible” with various requests for non-fat milk, extra hot, more caramel, no whip cream, etc etc; but still, the cup of homemade cappuccino is the best.  This homemade cup of coffee is enjoyed and sipped slowly at home, it symbolizes relaxing time for reading magazines or surfing the Internet stretched out in pajamas with hair tied up in a mess.  It symbolizes some alone time to randomly stimulate the brain with little interesting tidbits and snippets of news and entertainment. 

A cup of homemade cappuccino tastes the best because it symbolizes languid “myself” time.

i actually grind my own coffee beans, I am under the impression that it is more "fresh"

1 cup of grind up coffee beans about to be brewed into a cup of coffee

this is a good machine, I have been using it for 3 years, very sturdy

not hardcore enough to learn coffee art, but it is important to get that frothy foam for my cofee

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