I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

when i look out my window

On a clear and bright day, it is such a treat looking out at the expansive view from my apartment’s window, it is so mesmerizing and astounding that there are an endless amount of high rises and sky scrapers all over Hong Kong!  It would be fun to contrast the difference of the view between a clear and bright day as opposed to a foggy and muggy day when pollution skyrocket and factories from China blow particles and dusts over.  When that happens, the city is wrapped in a shroud of haze, there is nothing mystical and enchanting about it, it would usually feel moist and damp outside and I am not a fan!

Pretty damn hazy huh?  Nevertheless, on a normal day, I love staring out the window, especially since rumor has it that if you keep staring at views and buildings that are really far, it is very good for your vision and you as less prone to farsightedness.

the open staidum where many concerts and sporting events such as rugby 7 is held, I can actually see the crowds and hear what is happening at the stadium; unfortunately, I cannot see the performances, boo. Oh yea, once I think there was a Chinese opera rehersal going on and it was the 1st time in my life I got woken up to communist music, and I was truly puzzled

this is a soccer/football field depending on if you're American or British; anyway, it's just across the street from the Hong Kong Football club, and I often see many teams practicing from my window

i do believe that the day I am bored with this view, I am bored with Hong Kong

It was actually kind of weird because on the sunny and bright day I was taking pictures, I notice birds flying in the sky; on the muggy day, there was a butterfly resting on my window, and I love the close proximity it allows me when I take pictures of it.  Thanks to the butterfly, I left my apartment in a good mood.


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  1. wow what a contrast to a clear day….pollution really sucks

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