I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

when pretzel was just a baby at 4 months


If you look at my dog closely and have personally interacted with him, you would agree with me when I say he is half rabbit (he doesn’t run, he hops) and half human (emotion & behaviour wise). The more time he spends with me and the older he gets, he acts less and less like a dog and more and more like a little boy.



Parents bribe their children with treats to make them behave properly, I give my dog treats when he stays calm, listens, and allows me  to shower and blow dry him without drowning meParents pat their kids on the shoulder and hug them when they have done their parents proud, I pat my dog on the head every time he pees correctly onto his pee pad

When children know they have done something wrong, they would not look their parents in the eyes, my dog would also avert my stares and bows his head in shame

Children will sulk and ignore their parents when they feel like they are not given proper attention, my dog will also sulk, whimper, and stare at you with sad puppy dog eyes to make you feel bad for ignoring him

Children play and smash their toys and never put them away, my cleaning lady always grumble about the dog and how his toys are strewn all over the apartment

Just randomly scribbling, I can think of so many aspects in which a dog and a child is so similar, I hope parents reading my post won’t be all pissed off at me! Honestly though, in many parts of Asia, the rate of which a puppy is licensed annually is higher than the birth rate of that country! It is really no surprise when I make the statement the dogs are the children of tomorrow. I personally think there are many factors that are causing this phenomenon that I don’t really want to dwell into, but for all the lucky dogs out there, the world has entered the DOG AGE and you are all lucky bastards!


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