I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

 As per yesterday’s blog, I want to post all the food and snack stands that have appealed and my friends and I in Cheung Chau, yummy yummy! 

I am going to start of with some pictures of the various seafoods we had, very delicious, and once again, I am in love with all the sauces and marinades used to enhance the flavors of the seafood.

fresh fish! caught and killed, then prepared and cooked for us


freshly fried potato chips on a skewer, it was very yummy espeically when it is a bit cold outside

color candied fruits & of course lots and lots of dim sums!

The picture is a rock fish, not a blowfish, but I was told it is just as deadly and poisonous

Children’s favourite is of course cotton candy!

i did have an urge to buy that bag of 4 giant scones home because I love scones, but I imagine it would be heavy


those little circle crackers with a flower like color icing on top brings back so much memories to when I was a kid and my mom would give me one or two every now and then--talk about sugar high from the sugar icing

this food stand with all the colorful pictures and writings sell both sushi & red bean cakes...I know, they totally don't match

oh, i just think this is such a cute sign, i love the creativity

The aroma of squids bring grilled is so alluring and the smell so inviting; too chewy for me, but I love the smell of it on the open grill.  While squids are definitely the highlight of this stand, they also grill skewers of meat.

I think it is important to highlight the obsession of Hong Kong people and fish balls, OMG, there are so many stands of “normal” size fish balls and giant size ones! While there are different flavors such as curry and satay, I got to tell you, the best fish balls are ones that are “bouncy”. I cannot describe that feeling, once you eat “bouncy” fish balls, you could understand and agree with the statement that the best type of fish balls are the ones that are bouncy!                                                

satay and curry fish balls



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