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On Animal Cruelty and Why?

I would never be able to understand why people commit cruelty against dogs and cats, so I would concur with the idea that these people are weak and are outcasts of society, thus they need to vent and have the need to feel powerful and strong. Therefore, they would show their dominance on weaker subjects and derive pleasure out of their meek submission. I am going to share two stories of animal cruelty that occurred in Hong Kong that have truly disturbed me and leave me feeling disgusted. This is the one time I actually wanted to spit on someone, and trust me, spitting on others is such a low and degrading act.



On cruelty against cats

There is this giant park (Victoria Park) in the middle of town that is the home to a lot of stray cats & kittens; there are a lot of people that stroll around the park doing exercise and walk by the park to the public library, thus, this lively atmosphere attract a lot of people to feed the stray cats. Awhile back, a nighttime assassin started appearing in Victoria Park to grab these stray cats and disfigured them, leaving them without claws and toes. At extreme instances, some of the cats have their limbs cut off and their eyes scratched out.

On cruelty against dogs

This crime is committed by a local puppy mill that has rented a giant warehouse in the suburbs to store dogs and sell pure bred puppies to pet shops in Hong Kong. The living condition in this warehouse is absolutely gruesome and the dogs that are housed there are treated inhumanely and are malnourished. The dogs are fed scraps from nearby restaurants and to avoid complaints from nearby warehouses of dogs barking, the owner of this puppy mill has slit the throats of all the dogs in such a way that they are not able to bark or make any noise. The purpose of the dogs living in this warehouse is to produce puppies for the owner to sell, and devoid of any walking space or light in the crowded warehouse (thousands of dogs were found), many of these dogs are going crazy and are so nervous they would chew and bite themselves and other dogs around them. To prevent this from happening, the owner decided to knock off all the teeth of the dogs that are there to breed so the puppies would not be harmed or else they won’t be able to sell them for money.

even if you don't like animals, you don't have a right to mistreat them

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