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Stolen Moments on MTR


I couldn’t help snapping some “stolen moment” pictures on the MTR today; to be honest, it was one weird ride because I am seeing a lot of things that usually don’t happen on the MTR, so it makes it all the more interesting!

yes, there was a giant floral arrangement on the train today

2 kids dressed up ready to hit disney land, i love the boy's outfit, trust me, everyone was looking at him, and the parents didn' sit next to them, rather across from them, lol

these 3 elder gentlemen are mega busy on the mtr reading newspaper and surfing the net


Comments on: "Stolen Moments on MTR" (5)

  1. I love your pictures….in spore I would probably get glares if I tried to take photos…and its called MRT here 🙂

    • lol, i snapped those pics with my phone in secret, or else I’ll get glares too, hees. I was in SG last month and I think there was some local musical production going on? Everytime the train arrived, the 3 ladies will sing “the train is coming, the train is comingggggg”, OMG, I can still hear them in my head right now!

  2. love the photos! it’s a funny detail that the parents didn’t sit next to them. 😀

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