I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Since the reason I headed to Shenzhen is to pick up by cousin flying in from Europe, of course I brought along my grandpa’s driver, or else I’ll be completely lost!  I cannot miss opportunities to take some pictures of Shenzhen and feel impressed by how thriving and booming the city has become.  The indicator I used to measure is by the amount of high rises springing up all over town, and of course, because Shenzhen is building MTR to connect its airport located in a rural part of town to city center. 

As much of the time is spent sitting inside the car, I think it’s good to title this piece “Shenzhen through a car’s window”.

shenzhen airport

hawkers selling fruits by the side of streets


shenzhen has developed so fast, it really resembles central of HK

this is so cool, a statue hanging in the middle of a high rise building

city center of shenzhen

the heineken of china

cyclist crossing in front of our car

a panhandler in the middle of busy traffic

a police van vs a police bike


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