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A Carnivorous Dinner

There is a saying that Chinese will eat anything on all fours with the backs facing the sky…I don’t doubt this saying at all!  I mean, I have seen preserved headless rabbits for sale at Carrefour!  While eating dog meat is banned in Hong Kong, people from China do eat all sorts of animals many considered “gross”, “disgusting”, or “taboo” such as dog meat, rabbit meat, raw monkey heads (seriously), foxes, wild cats (I heard this is the root of SARS back then), snakes, and the list can go on and on…

I decided on a carnivorous dinner in Shenzhen before heading back to Hong Kong, and I ate endangered wild deers…I didn’t know they were prohibited in Hong Kong until I was gobbling them up, I swear!!!  I have actually eaten snake before in Hong Kong, it really just tasted like pieces of Chicken; I am actually planning on a snake feast once the temperature lowered a bit more…

Below are the various meats from different animals I have eaten for dinner, I didn’t bother taking pictures of the pita bread or vegetable dish because they don’t seem overly exotic on my piece of being a Carnivorous!

The pot of prohibitive deer meat that is braised for hours with large slices of ginger and hint of rice wine. The chef keeps telling me to eat the skin because that's the essence of the dish, but I just don't eat chunks of fat

You cannot feel more primal than grabbing this piece of lamb bone in your hand and ripping off the meat with your teeth, the little plastic glove that was handed to us is a sad attempt to act more civilized during our beastly act. It was really delicious, it was grilled with a lot of different kinds of herbs and spices that blended really well together.

I love eating deep fried pigeons dipped in a speical blend of salt and soy sauce...this is not the type of pigeons you find running around in parks. I know it would be hard to swallow for many people, but the method that is cooked makes pigeons oh so yummy. I could inahle 2 all by myself...but too much on the table for dinner, so the 3 of us shared 1 pigeon.

Alright, this pork dish should not be shocking to anyone...I was told by the chef this is a very popular dish and very complicated to master to pefection. The outside is as crispy as a spring roll while the pork inside retains moisture and juice, and when customers bite into it, steam and juice should come off the piece of meat. It was very yummy with a hint of preserved beancurd marinade.

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