I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Hong Kong used to be a giant fishermen/sea port before it was transformed into the financial center/logistics hubs of Asia.  Back in the days, villagers would build temples in their villages to worship “Tin Hau”天后, the goddess of the sea, to protect their fishermen from harm.  All these temples are called “Tin Hau” temples 天后廟, protector of fishermen and sailors.

The Tin Hau temple I visited is located in Saikung, known as the Tin Hau Temple in Joss House Bay, which is considered a Grade I historical building, being the oldest temple built in 1266.  While these temples are built facing the sea to protect the fishermen and sailors, the sea view from this temple is absolutely breath-taking and serene.  You cannot help but take a moment to breathe in the sea and watch the sun sparkle over the water. 

Tin Hau Temple, Joss House Bay, Saikung

continual incense burning, continual worshipping and offering

where offerings to the god is burned

the breath-taking sea view where the temple sits

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