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Honk! Honk! It’s McCafe on Wheels

What is better than a free cup of freshly grinded coffee on a cold day?  I spot the McCafe coffee truck doing a marketing gig on Canton Road in TST Hong Kong!

I know…I really don’t have a lot of photography skills, I’ll keep trying!  This seems a very appropirate blog piece for this particular day as I woke up at 6am this morning to open the doors to the warehouse for the delivery men.  Golden months of selling from now through Christmas all the way to Chinese New Year, but I am very short-handed and while everyone is out at supermarkets setting up displays, I too, have to be responsible for something…unlocking the warehouse door at dawn, sigh.


Korean food festival

The foyer of Olympic Station shopping mall has been transformed into a Korean food festival, the various food stalls have attracted many people to check out what little snacks they could purchase to feel like they are in Korea.  What really caught my attention was a rice making demonstration happening on stage; a giant barrel of rice and sliced veggies are being blended together by many pair of hands with a hint of sesame oil.  After all the colorful ingredients have been mixed together, large bowls of rice are then handed out to anyone who wants to sample, I thought that was really cool.

the giant barrel of rice that is made by many people all at once

the yummy bowl of rice I was offered when I was taking picture of the giant barrel, cool!

Of course there are many stalls selling Korean rice cake, kimchi, and citron tea, but it was very interesting to see Korean fish balls being sold, and they are a little different than the curry fish balls that are sold as street snacks in Hong Kong. 

korean fish balls, the slice of fish paste is removed from the stick and cut into smaller slices and broth is poured over it

As I was taking pictures of the Korean fish balls, I can smell just grilled squid wafting to where I was standing and I immediately started searching for the stand, yummy yummy!  It was definitely a little bit different than the grilled squid from Japan or Taiwan as they are usually sliced into pieces making it easy for customers to snack on.  For the korean squids, there is no slicing involved, and I’ve to ripped out pieces if I want to eat and walk at the same time, and it was certainly chewy, but lacks a little bit of crunchiness to it; however, I really like the spicy powder that was blended with the squid, make the taste more aromatic.

grilled squid, there was a long line, people are attracted to this stand by the aroma of squid being grilled

the squid is scooped from the black tray and put into a plastic bag

Adidas vs. Nike Billboards

I know, I love taking pictures of billboards, but hey, I live in HK, what you would see most aside from people is billboards!  I notice a number of sports related billboards springing up across town, probably because of the Asian Games happening in Guangzhou…

Adidas vs. Nike

I personally think Adidas clothing trumps Nike’s while Nike runners are cooler than Adidas.

What happens when you buy fakes?

I would laugh at you as you walk down the street because your LV reads LW or your Gucci reads Guci. As for those people who buy grade A fakes, which means the quality really imitates the real thing, well, that’s even more pathetic because if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

 Anyway, every once in awhile, I would hear girls at reception halls gossiping saying how they wanted the purse or bag from xxx and they’re saving money by missing out on lunch for the past two months…so yes, you are not buying a fake, but you still clearly cannot afford it, so don’t buy it!

 Seriously, a person appears classy because of the air of confidence, posture, intellect that is exuded from within, not the bag you are carrying. I often see a lot of Mainland tourists (from China) that come to Hong Kong to shop and they would be carrying giant LV/Gucci bags with the logo embossed all over the bag. Many of them feel that because they could afford to buy these bags, they are classy and smart. Well guess what? Holding the bag and crouching in the middle of the street, speaking loudly, and dunking your face in curry fish balls while putting your leg up on the rail scream brash and uneducated.

 Hong Kong is definitely a very materialist city and I often hear on the streets or even on TV how the dreams of many girls is to marry a rich guy and become a taitai (someone who just high tea, do facials, and go shopping everyday), I cannot help rolling my eyes and being thankful that after 3 years of living in this city, I still have a certain sense of ignorance to this type of mentality.

 To me personally, I buy brand name bags, watches, shoes, etc, is because I like the design and the quality of high end goods; you would never see me carrying a LV bag where the design is just the brand name plastered all over the bag. That just lacks design and creativity; and most of all, you become a human billboard for the brand! Why can people not understand that? I guess if everyone thinks the same way I do, many of these high end brands that tailor to the vanity of girls and women will be closing their doors.

OK, after my rant from above, I am going to let my diva side shines through here for a few moments and admit that I do use various designer and high-end branded products; however, I purchase them because of their quality and design, not because OMG, I own a Gucci!  To the cool divas out there, I got to share:  if you buy stilettos and high heel boots, Bally is honestly the most comfortable and you would walk around for hours and your feet won’t feel overly burdened.  For purses, go for Salvatore Ferragamo, Loewe, or Cartier, there usually aren’t a lot of fakes of those out there in Asia because the logos are usually hidden or are very small on the product, so people who like to buy knock offs won’t choose them; because to them, they are not “bling”  enough for their taste.  OK, I am going to shut up now.

Get your ass to Asia!

I have been hearing a lot of catchy tunes from tourism boards in different parts of Asia on TV lately and I hear myself singing and humming the tunes in my head, they are so catchy!  I want to share some of my favorite tunes!

Going to start off sharing with the favorite tourism tune I keep humming…

Malaysia…Truly Asia

Fly to Seoul

I cannot understand Korean, but who can forget the catchy and repetitious chorous of “fly to Seoul, dance dance dance, boom boom boom”

Taiwan will touch your heart

Thailand once in a lifetime

A Crazy Kindergarten Christmas!!! (pt 2)

The very 1st Christmas display to my virgin eyes for the year 2010 has been given to Time Square Causeway Bay a couple of days ago; today I actually went inside Time Square in search from some pita bread from Mark & Spencer and realized the Christmas display on the outdoor foyer is also continuing in the main foyer of the shopping mall!  So, this blog will be a continuation of what I have posted yesterday, all the cutey students I took pictures of are exhibited on the foyer level of Time Square.

hung from the 9/f of time square

i love this afro boy

so cute, he's doing a headstand!

giant centerpiece in the middle of the exhibition

a cool looking gramps

he probably got into a fight with the class bully

looking down at the foyer exhibtion form the 6/f



A Crazy Kindergarten Christmas!!!


Time Square in Hong Kong has selected a theme for its Christmas display called “A Crazy Xmas” by local artist and designer Michael Lau. I love it! The theme is a kindergarten Christmas display with spray paint cans, name tags, chalk board, balloons, locker/clothe hangers, etc; it’s very cool, a children Christmas display with lots of colors, noise, and party spirit.

a cute kindergartener, my mom used to put my hair into that exact same sytle

this is probably the grumpy kid that could be found in every classroom

the ground is painted with name tags where the "a crazy xmas" is displayed

it's a crazy christmas!!

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