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First hike of the season: Shek O country park

As I hopped onto the bus to do my first hike of the season, I was greeted by a very cheerful bus driver that was praising Hong Kong, sharing with passengers that indeed Hong Kong is a very rich and fortuitous piece of land, because typhoon Megi has caused major havoc and damages to Philippines and Taiwan, and there was barely a drop of rain as the city anticipates its arrival. Typoon Megi is considered the strongest typhoon to sweep across the Northwest Pacific in over two decades, and for the past few days, Hong Kong was also bracing for its imminent arrival. It was anticipated that it would directly hit Hong Kong over the weekend, but instead, I woke up this morning to bright sunshine and friendly breezes, making it the perfect day for a leisurely hike. The chosen destination for this season’s first hike is the Shek O Country trail, a very easy hike that slightly took a bit over an hour because I spent a bit of time snapping pictures of butterflies. I don’t know if this is common everywhere, but it’s really amazing how the butterflies seriously do not fly away and let me snap non-stop for a little bit; however this trail is not known for butterflies, so I keep seeing the same variety of colors, but they are pretty. I was close to nature.


this butterfly stayed immobile for so long I seriously thought it has passed out

lol, this tree bears fruit to one kamquat

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