I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

Hong Kong is getting cooler so I am excited about doing some great hikes from now until maybe around April.  I have decided that I am going to pack as many hikes as possible into this season, since by this time next year, I will have moved to Singapore.  Even though I will be flying and staying in HK every 2 weeks, it’ll still be different, so I am going to force people to hike with me as much as I could this coming season!

To psyche myself up, I started looking through some of the pictures I have taken when I was on previous trails, and seeing all these great nature shots are definitely exciting!  Hong Kong is known as a concrete forest, which I believe is aptly suited; surprisingly, over 70% of the city is composed of hiking trails, trees, water–something a local Hong Kong person would still find hard to believe.


Comments on: "Prelude to a great hiking season" (2)

  1. tokyobling said:

    Hi! I used to live in HK a long long time ago, but I never had time to go hiking. It looks great and sounds great, as long as one is careful of bush fires! don’t forget to bring your camera and post your pictures here!

    The biggest hike I ever did in HK was walking around Lamma island, fun and not too hard in the winter. Keep your great blog posts coming!!!

  2. lol, I have just done the lamma isld hike with my doggie this weekend, planning to do a post about it later on. I love your blog, btw, it’s so awesome!

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