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Street stands are the newest millionaires

It suddenly hit me that everyday I walk by the 3 shops that are rented out as the most expensive per square foot in all of HK, if not the whole world.  Surprisingly, these 3 shops that are asking for the most sky-rocketing prices (somewhere between $700-1000HKD per square foot) do not sell premium or high-end international brands of clothing,rather, they sell common street snacks!   With 7 million citizens plus a huge floating population zipping through the streets of HK, the city is definitely buzzing and full of life. 

 This city is full of pedestrians shopping and eating on the go, but still, imagine how many thousand skewers of meatballs, fishballs, waffles they need to sell to cover rent!   In fact, one of the shops is so expensive, it cannot even be rented out permanently; rather this small space of less than 100 square feet is rented out on a project basis, selling moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival or product launch promotions from renown companies such as Pepsi, Apple, or Lipton as seen from my snapshot below.

This food stand selling all types of street snacks is located right across from Time Square, it's one of the most expensive shops, and definitely the most expensive shop selling street foods

this beef jerky stand is located right across from Sogo and MTR station with huge amount of human traffic

This shop space is so small, you literally walk in and out, and yet it's so expensive, no business could afford to pay rent on a continual basis; it's located across from Sogo and the starting point of a pedestrian only section every mid-afternoon

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