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Checklist on what makes a good airport

Why travellers from the US, Europe, or the UK will most certainly be envious of the HK airport; two extremely good reasons are that there are rarely long line ups at check-in counters or moody looking immigration officers to dampen your trip.

 One of the features of the HK airport I really like is the “in-town” check-in service that is available at 3 different parts of towns that are connected by the airport express train.  Rather than having only one check-in station at the airport, passengers could choose to check in at any one of the three airport express train stops; this drastically divert the number of passengers that do check-ins at the airport, drastically reducing congestion and human traffic jams at the airport.  I love the in-town check in service because after the airline checked you in, you also drop off your luggage; therefore, when you’re on the airport express train, all you will have are the carry-on luggage.   

obvious customer service booth to help passengers

in-town check in counters is another option for passengers to check in outside of the airport

minimal human traffic at airline counters unless the flight is about to take off for last minute passengers

airlines that are doing tour group packages will see heavy human traffic because the tourists travel in a group and must check in together at the airport

the HK airport express train makes 3 stops in town along the way to the airport; it takes less than 20 minutes for passengers to get to town from the airport










trolleys have been thoughtfully lined up for use when passengers arrive, preventing made dash by everyone to grab a trolley

Checklist of what makes a tourist friendly airport

  • A subway train station connecting the airport to town
  • No long lines or hassles checking yourself in at the airline counter
  • Speedy immigration process
  • Plenty of user friendly signs to direct
  • Visible and easy to find customer service counters
  • Fast baggage claims at landing
  • Many selections of retail and eateries to pass the time
  • No military-like policemen standing muted with pistols
  • Free internet access 

At the end of the day, I believe what makes a good airport is one that doesn’t cause passengers stress and give them a bad experience through long line ups and lack of help and assistance when they’re desperately needed.

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