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The village that is shaped like a nylon sack


The full view of Po Toi O village (布袋澳), is it shape like a nylon sack or a purse to you?

After a 3 hrs hike around High Junk Peak, we ended the day with a quick visit to “Po Toi O” village (布袋澳), which is a very small and relatively remote village along the Clearwater Bay Peninsula in Sai Kung. The words “Po Toi” in Chinese means a nylon sack/purse, and the village itself resembles that very same image. I did take a picture of the village and its representation of a nylon sack, I guess it kind of resembles a nylon sack after I have been told that’s what it is supposed to look like, with a little bit of imagination, haha.

when you enter the village, villagers will hawk you their dried seafood goods

over the weekends, these seafood restaurants will be quite packed with hungry people wanting fresh seafoods


In old age, it is a blessing to…

It is a blessing to have your partner holding your hand in old age,

It is a blessing to be able to walk around and enjoy life in old age,

It is a blessing to be able to die in your sleep in old age.

Little Houses with Character

I love the unique little houses along the Shek O village, they are brightly painted, colourful, and full of character, a rare sight in a city filled with skyscrapers and high rises.  Shek O village is steeped in Hong Kong history; it has been around for over 100 years since 1891.  Don’t be fooled by how they may look on the outside, because all of them have an expansive sea view worth millions of dollars!

the sea view in every house's backyard


When you cross paths with a hard-working ant

Strolling along, I cannot help but notice a very hard-working ant that is carrying the dead corpse of a worm, which is so much bigger than itself, yet it is so determined inching along slowly down the path.  How amazing that was and how little I became when thinking of all the times I procrastinated or completely decided to not do something until “another time”.  All it takes was a little creature so much smaller to remind me determination and perseverance leads to greater things.

When yoga comes alive

I really like this ad billboard, I wish I have taken a more up close snapshot; too bad, the billboard has now been replaced by other companies.  What I love about this ad is the creativity of incorporating a yoga pose into the Chinese character “movement”, very simple but conveys the message of movement in yoga, or be moved by yoga.

Giant billboard outside Lee Garden I Causeway Bay

A Devilish m&m

Halloween is around the corner, aside from a few bar strips and shopping mall decorations, the city is generally not overly charged for this occasion.  As this holiday is a celebration of ghosts, monsters, and all things devilish, the Chinese tend to stay away from that.  In fact, there is a ghost holiday where incense and hell money are burned as peace-offering to ghosts and souls to leave the living alone.

Since I am from Canada and have always enjoyed the trick or treat part of Halloween (when I was younger), I like to get my dog Pretzel into the holiday mood.  Bossini (clothing store) have always liked pairing different animation companies to produce lines of  t-shirts with colorful anime on them.  This season, they have launched a series of m&m t-shirts, and I love the little devilish m&m sticker on its window display.  I decided to dress Pretzel up to compete for who is cuter, the m&m or my doggie?

awww...i think pretzel looks so adorable here, like a cute little puppy...he's 4 1/2 yrs old now

the costume is not complete without the horns...clearly it was a struggle getting them on base on his messed up hair

Wet Market Bazaar

A wet market is like an open market bazzar of fresh foods and comprised of umbrella canopies and red lights at each stand


As a foods brand distributor, I walk supermarkets quite constantly to see what new products are introduced in HK and that is where I do my grocery shopping; today when I was browsing through the open market grocery bazaars called wet markets in Asia, it’s definitely a novelty. I believe wet markets really capture the distinctiveness of Hong Kong, it’s a gathering place that not only allows people to buy their daily foods, but a place to chit chat with neighbours and residents within that community. It’s not hard to find wet markets in Hong Kong, they are everywhere, so long as there are housing estates, you’re guarantee to find a wet market nearby.

The photos taken are from Shau Kei Wan wet market, it’s quite well known for its diverse range of goods for good prices; during my stroll, I saw other people in the market snapping pictures. When I was about to leave, I saw two foreign girls at the start of the wet market looking excited and holding giant-ass cameras; I guess Shau Kei Wan is the more famous wet market in Hong Kong.

Preserved sausages made mainly of pork created through a series of smoking and draining the meat of water; during the winter, people love putting them in their rice while it's cooking and the rice will absorb the sweet and fragrant taste of the sausages

people love eating chestnuts in the winter, it's more popular to buy roasting chesnuts from street vendors because the bag of steamy chestnuts could warm your hands while you walk. If I buy fresh chestnuts in the market, I'll just boil them at home

Like other Asian countries, HK has a huge selection of fruits to select from all year round; I find the little greenhouse watermelons so cute, and they're super cheap, 2 melons for 10HKD (1 little more than 1 dollar USD)


this wet market is very close to where fishmen dock their boats, so customers here are always treated with some of the best "catches of the day"

there is also a huge selection of dried seafood, the seafood will dry in the sun with salt, so people usually buy dried seafood to boil soup with

how can a wet market be complete without meat butchers? Next time I visit a wet market, I'll be sure to find stalls that are selling live chicken and other fowls

First hike of the season: Shek O country park

As I hopped onto the bus to do my first hike of the season, I was greeted by a very cheerful bus driver that was praising Hong Kong, sharing with passengers that indeed Hong Kong is a very rich and fortuitous piece of land, because typhoon Megi has caused major havoc and damages to Philippines and Taiwan, and there was barely a drop of rain as the city anticipates its arrival. Typoon Megi is considered the strongest typhoon to sweep across the Northwest Pacific in over two decades, and for the past few days, Hong Kong was also bracing for its imminent arrival. It was anticipated that it would directly hit Hong Kong over the weekend, but instead, I woke up this morning to bright sunshine and friendly breezes, making it the perfect day for a leisurely hike. The chosen destination for this season’s first hike is the Shek O Country trail, a very easy hike that slightly took a bit over an hour because I spent a bit of time snapping pictures of butterflies. I don’t know if this is common everywhere, but it’s really amazing how the butterflies seriously do not fly away and let me snap non-stop for a little bit; however this trail is not known for butterflies, so I keep seeing the same variety of colors, but they are pretty. I was close to nature.


this butterfly stayed immobile for so long I seriously thought it has passed out

lol, this tree bears fruit to one kamquat

A Seasame Halloween

Windsor House in Causeway Bay has a very cute and family-oriented Sesame Street display at the mall’s foyer for photo snapping, it reminds me of when I was a kid and how I watched sesame street when I came home from school.  Some cartoon characters just never grow old, they are loved by children from one decade to the next, from one country to another country, so very cool!  Oh, I loved the Care Bears when I was young, but I have never been fond of Barney or the Teletubbies, they are scary!

Elmo & Cookie Monster are my fav!

Where are the Velcro Runners?

I hope someone from the runners industry is reading my blog because I want to know what happened to Velcro runners.  There used to be a time when it was a big hit, remember the PUMA classic?  I absolutely love Velcro runners because the shoestrings won’t come undone, and I don’t’ have to suddenly kneel in the middle of the street tying my runners.  At high point, I owned a pair of blue puma Velcro runners, a pair of white on pink puma Velcro runners, a pair of silver Nike Velcro runners, a pair of white adidas Velcro runners, and a pair of white on blue sketchers Velcro runners—that is how much I love Velcro runners!  Sadly I am down to only a pair of adiddas and sketchers Velcro runners, and believe me when I say they’re old and dirty, yet I can’t throw them away because it’s practically impossible to find Velcro runners anymore!  Trust me, they’re not only for little kids, I would buy the Velcro runners!  I am sure there are many thousands of us out there who are lazy and would buy Velcro runners!!!

my last 2 pairs of velcro runners--classifed as classic antique

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