I am not afriad of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today~William Allen White

 I have decided to move the warehouse arm of the operation to Yau Tong Industrial district, which is very close to the office, about 15 minutes and 5 MTR stops from office to warehouse. What I really like about the warehouse is that from the MTR platform, I could see the building I am supposed to walk to, which amounts to approximately 5 minutes of brisk walking. Another thing I like about the warehouse location is that it’s just a few buildings down from the fire station; it seems like a very safe location for people and products alike. I also like looking into the fire station every time I walk pass, to see if any firemen are training in their uniforms.

view of warehouse from mtr station

view of mtr station from warehouse

Unfortunately, these happy feelings fade when I have to walk from the warehouse to the MTR station. I have come to realize that the longer I stay at the warehouse, the lower my energy level beomes. This is especially true if I help move cartons and products around the warehouse and work up a sweat. By the time I leave the warehouse, I would be feeling quite exhausted, and the walk to the MTR station would take a little while longer. Why I say bad infrastructure planning? Because in order to get up to the MTR platform, you would have to walk up a giant flight of stairs separated into 5 flights of 13 steps each. This is an incline climb to the top, which I believe is very tiring for everyone that needs to climb this flight of stairs to leave the industrial district!

a preview of the flight of steps

I don’t understand why they haven’t install a set of escalators instead, clearly that solves the problem for tiring souls from the industrial district and all the uncles and aunties over 40s that need to climb that flight of stairs every time they need to take public transportation! There is an elevator that lead up to the platform, so the first time I saw the sign and the arrow pointing to the elevator, I thought it’s just a few steps away, and OMG, was I ever wrong! The elevator is all the way on the other side of the platform, and it took a good 10 minutes to walk to! This is really horrible planning, why can’t there be 2 elevators on both sides of the platforms?

There was this auntie in her fifties heaving and puffing up the 5 flights of steps, and by the 3rd flight, she had to rest, and there I was with my colleague ready to climb those steps. So sad, by the time I finished two flights, I was so tired, I have to rest like the auntie, which I think is very embarrassing and not cool! But my colleague is trailing way behind me and could hardly walk up the first flight before huffing and puffing. Believe me, I usually climb up all 5 flights in one go without resting (when I don’t have to heave cartons and just direct), though I would usually feel the burn on my thighs by the 4th flight.

5 flights of 13 steps each = 65 steps (very exhausting when temp is over 30 and you'v been lifting cartons that are 8.8kg each!!)

In general, people would be tired after climbing the 5 flights of stairs, and would usually be breathing a bit heavier and wiping sweat off their faces; so what really irked me about this whole infrastructure planning is that once you reach the platform, you would see this sitting/resting area that you could rest your poor limbs on, but you cannot! Why you couldn’t is because the government has decided to place giant statues of people sitting and wiping their faces with handkerchief and eating snacks! You too, would see the annoying irony in this situation!!?!?!!

you could understand why this piece of art irks me right?


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