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I would like to share a little bit on the etiquette on public transportation and my pet peeves!

When you get onto a mini bus, which is a van type of bus with 16 seats and zero standing capacity, it’s really annoying when single passengers select the aisle and leave the window seat empty. The bus will not start moving until 16 passengers get onto the bus, so why don’t you shove your bum to the inner seat so passenger coming on after you don’t have to slide past you and squeeze into inner seat when there is restricted leg room! It just gets to be such a hassle if you’re carrying heavy groceries and still the person refuses to move in and let you take the aisle seat! Rather, they will slightly squeeze their feet in thinking their limbs do not take up space or ever so slightly move their legs to the aisle expecting you to tuck gently into the window seat without touching them at all! Then when you’ve trouble squeezing in because you’re carrying loads of stuff or they’re not as skinny as they think, they’ll make these tsk tsk sound like you’re offending them, OMG!!! The worst part is passengers that know they get off at the last stops and still decide to take up the aisle seat, then whole annoying procedure will occur again when you’ve to get off. It’s usually worst when you get off because the bus kind of lurched and braked on a skid and you could easily loose your balance. Sometimes I get so frustrated I just want to swap the other passenger with my bags, because why can’t just make an effort to stand and let me through?

Moving on to the MTR (subway), people waiting to get onto the MTR will generally stand in 2 uniform lines left and right of the doors that slide open when the train approaches. The center is left open so passengers on the train are able to get off before passengers standing on the platform get onto the train. What really irk me are the elders in this particular situation. While it is the right thing to do to yield your seat to old people on the train, it does not mean the old people could just push to the front of the line and butt the entire line of people waiting to get onto the train! I have such issues with these rude seniors who just stand smack in the center even when there are 20 people lining up, or those seniors who sidle up to the left or right of passengers standing at the front and will make a mad dash into the train once the door open, completing shoving past the passengers that are getting off the train! I know it’s petty to call them out and they probably act this way because the chance of confrontation is unlikely, but have some manners! Just because you are old doesn’t give you the right to butt ahead in a line or ignore the basic etiquette of waiting for passengers to get off first before you get on! The PA system specifically said “please let passengers alight first” in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin!

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  1. tokyobling said:

    Hahaha… great post! Good to hear that some things haven’t changed at all in HK! Don’t worry, we have similar things in Japan (but not as bad as in HK) and Europe. I guess some people are just ignorant of the world around them! (^-^) Don’t let it get to you though!

    • How is that a good thing??
      I would think people would want things to change for the better

  2. […] Once again, I would like to bring people to an old post of my on “public transportation etiquette”. https://btlau.wordpress.com/2010/09/03/public-transportation-etiquette/ […]

  3. How is that a good thing??

    • you’re right, it’s not a good thing, that’s why it got me all huffy puffy because it’s so annoying. Of course I want ppl to change their habits, but we are all very stubborn and it’s not easy to change ingrained habits. Also, in HK, the population itself has a very high tolerance level and is willing to suck it in and tolerate a lot of things that are not “harmful” to their well-being. No need to make a scene, not to cause any inconvience to others that will slow down services. But trust me, I do want it to change

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